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Unfortunately, the climate of the UK is not the most optimal climate for good plant growth. Tropical plants or plants with a great need for sunlight, for example, often will not flourish in the UK. Fortunately, with the help of special lamps you can provide a perfect living environment for your plants and flowers to grow. The most suitable way for this is to use a grow light. Most grow lights are of the type HPS or LED lights. These high-quality lights are extremely popular and are used by professional and hobby growers for optimal flowering of plants.

High quality plant grow lights

With our special LED grow light a stable light all year round regardless of the season is ensured. An HPS growing lamp also adds heat. This ensures that plants, which usually cannot grow abundantly in the UK, or which would not survive a winter, can continue to grow optimally. You can also ensure a better harvest.

Which type of lamp you should use depends on the type of plant, weather conditions and other variables. In general, the HPS lamps are recommended if you also want to provide extra heat, and it is best to choose the LED grow lamp if you want to save on your energy consumption. Most grow lights each have their advantages and disadvantages. Which system is most suitable for your situation therefore depends on various factors.

HPS grow light

Advantages of HPS lamps

An HPS lamp (Also called High Pressure Sodium lamp) is an ideal lamp for promoting the growth of plants and increasing your yield. The lamps are often the most efficient for lighting grow rooms and are known for their effective operation.

The High Pressure Sodium lamps give off a lot of radiant heat and offer a good light spectrum. This makes the lamps ideal for creating and simulating a warm climate. This is ideal for plants that need a warm living environment. Compared to many other systems, the HPS lamps are affordable in purchase price and offer excellent quality. For a safe application of the lamps, a good ventilation system must be available.

View the Technical specifications of our popular 600W HPS lamp

Advantages of LED lamps

LED grow lights are ideal for promoting the growth of plants. The biggest advantage of LED lamps is that the lamps are a lot more economical in terms of energy consumption compared to the HPS systems. LED grow lighting is therefore very suitable for illuminating large growing areas, such as plants in the greenhouse, and ensures that your energy bill remains low.

Light spectrum of LED Grow lights

The LED grow light from Lumen King is a LED full spectrum lamp, which means that in addition to the blue light, the lamp also has green, yellow, orange and red light. With the optimal distribution of the light frequencies, cultivation with LED lighting ensures a successful growth and flowering of your plants. The Lumen King Led lamps are specially developed for the growth of plants and flowers. An ordinary LED spot, LED panel, LED fluorescent or LED strip is not suitable for optimal growth of your plants.

LED grow light

What kind of growing conditions?

In addition to a good LED grow light, there are a number of factors that are important for the growth and flowering of plants and flowers. Temperature, humidity and the air supply influence the photosynthesis of the plant. The optimum temperature is between 23 and 30 degrees C. An air humidity between 50% and 70% and an air supply and exhaust in balance further aids the growth and flowering of your plants. Most plants and flowers thrive in slightly acidic soil with a PH of 6 to 6.5.

The LED lamps provide an excellent light spectrum with the important red and blue hues and a good distribution of light over the plants. In addition, they give off less heat than the HPS lamps, so you usually do not need a ventilation system. LED grow lights are also extremely durable and have a long lifespan of usually 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This means you don't have to replace the lamps as often and you can continue to use the lamps for a long time.

Ordering grow lights in bulk

Both types of lighting systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. LED grow lights are ideal if you grow in a warm environment. Growing with LED is beneficial in the long term due to its long lifespan. The HPS lamps are, just like LED full spectrum lamps. These lamps give off more heat and are cheaper. It is up to you as a grower or seller to determine which system best suits your situation. Would you like to get started with the large-scale application of high-quality grow lights for cultivation? Or are you interested in distributing these qualitative lamps? Then take a look at the range of grow lights. Here you will find an overview of both advanced LED products and high-quality HPS lamps that are available in bulk.

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