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Lumen King grow lights are the new standard in lighting for cultivation of plants. After more than 25 years of experience in hobby cultivation, we introduce our own brand of high-quality lamps at attractive prices. Our different types of grow lights can be purchased via various points of sale . Through this site you can also register as a distributor of our lamps. For some time now we have also been offering LED grow lighting.

The best HPS lamps

HPS grow lights have proven themselves for years as the best choice for growers who want large, consistent and predictable yields. In this article, we've gathered the most important information to help you choose the right HPS grow lights for your garden. We will explain the different lamp sizes and their uses for growing your plants.

The powerful Lumen-King HPS lamps are available in a 400W, 600W and 1000W version. You do not need a separate digital ballast or reflector. The 600W HPS and 1000W HPS grow lights include a reflector and digital ballast. Most professional plantations use the 600W and 1000W versions: the ideal lights for the growth and flowering of your crops.

The ballast ensures that your HPS lamps are properly powered. The ballast takes the input voltage and electric current and regulates them in pulses within specific frequencies to ensure that your lamp operates efficiently and optimally regardless of voltage fluctuations outside the system. Our HPS lamps have a long service life at an affordable price.

More about the technical details of the 600W Lumen King grow lights

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How much light in the greenhouse?

The 600W HPS lamps provide enough light for an area of ​​approximately 2 m2. The optimal distance to the plants is at least 45 cm above the canopy. The 1000W HPS lamps can provide an area of ​​1.8 x 1.8 m2 with sufficient light at the right distance for optimal growth of plants. Keep in mind that the distance above your plants must be at least 60 cm.

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Advantages of Lumen-King HPS grow lights

The advantages of the professional Lumen-King HPS grow lights are:

  • Excellent light spectrum for growth and flowering phase;
  • Affordable and reliable;
  • A high light output per watt;
  • Limited reduction in light output thanks to Super Lumen;

Compared to an LED grow light, an HPS grow light produces more heat. This can be an advantage as plants will grow better at higher temperatures. But in warm periods, cooling may be desirable and an LED grow light can be an altrnative solution for your plants in the greenhouse. Growing with LED also produces good growth and flowering results these days. Our new LED lights are more expensive, but they are equally good for plant growth and have a long service life. We expect that LED lighting and LED lamps will be used more frequently in the future, especially in warmer countries.

Technical details of the 1000W Lumen King grow lights

What is a HPS grow light?

In 1964 new lights came onto the market, the so-called High Pressure Sodium or HPS grow lamps. This light technology has vastly improved the way we grow indoor plants. A HPS light consist of a narrow arc tube supported by a frame in a sphere. To improve efficiency, the arc tube is kept under an extremely high pressure. Sodium, mercury and xenon are used in the arc tube to improve the light spectrum.

The most common way to start the HPS grow lights is with a start pulse. This pulse starts an arc through the xenon gas and the lamp turns sky blue. The arc heats the mercury, giving the lamp a bluish color. As the lamp heats up and the sodium begins to evaporate, yellow and white light is added.


Wholesale HPS lamps

The demand for grow lights for your plants is high. The HPS lamp is getting better and better quality and is a perfect grow lamp for plants. The Lumen-King lamps are equipped with the latest technological developments. Are you looking for a large quantity of HPS grow lights for your greenhouse or are you interested in becoming a distributor of HPS grow lights? Take a look at the range of high-quality HPS lamps and view our favorable terms and conditions. For example, we can offer lamps in large stocks and we ship the lamps immediately. You will receive the lamps within 48 hours.

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We are happy to help you with affordable and high-quality HPS grow lights. You can find our range of HPS lamps and our favorable terms and conditions on our website. We are happy to help you if you would like more information about the products or our service. Enter your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible you on.

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