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The climate in the UK is not favourable for tropical and subtropical plants. Many crops and plants perform moderately to poorly in the English sun. Hence, many growers buy a grow light to promote growth of their precious crop. Are you interested in working with grow lights or would you like to learn more about the benefits for distributors? Then read on and learn all about the many advantages of these lamps, the effect they offer and how you can become a distributor of these lamps.

Effect on growth

By using high quality HPS grow lights you can stimulate the growth of plants. The HPS grow lights provide a lot of heat compared to other lights and are therefore ideal for plants that need a warm climate or for periods with little sunlight and heat. The benificial effects of the light on the growth of your precious plants depends on the plant species and the distance to the plant. The distance between the plant and the lamp can strongly influence the growth, and if the lamp is aimed too strongly at the plant, the plant can experience stress. A good distance from the plant ensures that the plant is carefully exposed to the heat and light from the lamp, allowing the plant to grow efficiently. For most plants, the more sunlight they get, the more they can grow.

In addition, there are specific lamps for different growth stages and you can choose from various lamps that are most important for your situation.

HPS grow light

Advantages of HPS grow lights

HPS grow lights are high pressure sodium lamps that are known for their very high light output. These grow lights become very warm, which means they mimic a warm climate in addition to sunlight. Crop grow lights offer the solution for efficient growth and optimal production. Grow lighting ensures that you can get the best out of your production, and are extremely suitable for both hobby growers and professional growers.

Growth stages

Grow lighting needs to be adjusted as your plants grow. For example, an adult plant needs more heat and light than a small sprout during germination. When plants are in the final stages, the flowering phase, the plants again need less light than during the growth phase and it is important to reduce the amount of light. A suitable grow light has a handy automatic frequency control, which makes it very easy to regulate the amount of light and ensures the right amount of light at every stage.

Advantages of LED lamps

The LED grow light is also ideal for promoting plant growth. The biggest advantage of LED lamps is that the lamps are a lot more economical in terms of energy consumption compated to the HPS systems. LED grow lighting is therefore very suitable for illuminating large grow areas, such as plants in greenhouses, and ensures that your energy bill remains low.

Light spectrum of LED Grow lights

The LED grow lighting from Lumen King is a LED full spectrum lamp, which means that in addition to the blue light, the lamp also has green, yellow, orange and red light. With the optimal distribution of the light frequencies, this cultivation with LED lighting ensures successful growth and flowering of your plants. The Lumen King Led lamps have been specially developed for the growth of plants and flowers. An ordinary LED spot, LED panel, LED fluorescent or LED strip is not suitable for optimal growth of your plants. You can buy a LED grow light via our outlets .

LED grow Light

Wholesale HPS lamps

The demand for grow lights for your plants is high. The HPS lamp has a superior quality and is an ideal grow lamp for plants. The Lumen-King lamps are equipped with the latest technological developments. Are you looking for a large quantity of HPS grow lights for your nursery or are you interested in becoming a distributor of HPS grow lights? Take a look at the range of high-quality HPS lamps and view our favorable terms and conditions. For example, we can offer lamps in large stocks and we ship the lamps immediately after ordering. You will receive the lamps within 48 hours.

Become a distributor

We are happy to help you with affordable and high-quality HPS grow lights. You can find our range of HPS lamps and our favorable terms and conditions on our website. We are happy to help you if you would like more information about the products or our service. Enter your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible you on.

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